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We hold immense expertise in manufacturing, exporting & supplying a broad range of Crane Accessories. Our product is manufactured making use of premier-grade raw material and highly latest & advanced technology at our end. We provide Brake Drum Coupling, Control Switches, DSL System, Rubber Buffer, Shank hook, Thruster Breake, etc.

Brake Drum Coupling Control Switch DSL System Rubber Buffer Shank Hook Thruster Brake

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Gantry Crane


We design and manufacture Gantry cranes as per our customer requirement for various industrial applications like shipping, construction, power, material handling, water gate handling, etc. Depending on the capacity & application, we design these cranes as single girder or double girder and also as per the requirements of our customers.

  • Construction sites
  • Ports and harbors
  • Workshops where existing columns cannot bear the wheel loads of a bridge crane
  • Workshops with low roof tie height that might restrict the height of lift of a regular bridge crane
  • Locations where bay lengths are excessive
  • Locations where bay lengths do not remain constant
  • Sites / projects where the crane itself needs to be relocated from one place to another
  • Locations where loads are to be shifted from points outside the crane span as in the case of an overhang on either side of the rails


Semi Gantry Crane


In workshops where part utilization of shop bay is required (as in a tool room attached to a press shop), a Semi Gantry Crane is used. In such a configuration, one end-carriage of the crane will travel on the regular gantry rail while the opposite end-carriage will travel on a rail mounted typically on the ground or at a lower elevation.

These cranes can be installed for various applications such as Grabbing in Steel Plants, Manufacturing Units and Stock Yards etc…


EOT Crane


Areva manufactures both single Girder and Double Girder EOT cranes. The Crane Girders are fabricated box type structures. The cranes are designed as per IS 3177/ IS 807.

We can supply single girder/ double girder Cranes as per our customer's requirement. The Cranes supplied by us are robust in design and combine compactness with safety. We crane supply Cranes ranging from 5Tons to 600 Tons.

We can supply cranes with multiple hoists to ease operations like turning of heavy objects. In situations where accurate control is required, we can supply cranes with customized control systems to ensure accurate positioning, to control the swaying of the load.


JIB Crane


JIB cranes assist the staff and multiply human efforts, handling loads up to 6000kg precisely and effortlessly. JIB cranes are useful especially for loading or unloading of work pieces on machine tools. These are also useful for loading or unloading of trucks. They can also become an inseparable part of a standalone workstation and machine assembly area.

Column mounted JIB Cranes are necessary when no other appropriate support near a workstation is available. Wall mounted JIB Cranes are ideal solutions for workstations located near walls or vertical structures. We manufacture JIB cranes to suit specific client requirements.


Underslung Crane


Areva manufactures Single Girder as well as Double Girder cranes in the Underslung version. Such cranes find applications where the head rooms available are limited or the process requirements cannot allow any other means of supporting the crane except from the roof.

Majority of Underslung Overhead cranes are in the capacity range from 250kg to 10MT. However, higher capacity Underslung Cranes can also be manufactured as per the client requirements. Precise control of the up/down motion and/or travel motion can be achieved by fitting Variable Frequency Drives in the panels. Control can be either through a Pendant Push Button station or a Radio Remote Control.


Winch & Wire Rope Hoist


Creating a niche of Industrial Winches such as Electric Winch and Power Winch at its best, with utmost quality .

Our wire rope hoists are manufactured with cutting edge technologies to provide exceptional performance, easy load handling, superior safety, higher lifting speed and favorable dimensions. The modular design of the rope hoist facilitates simple & quick maintenance and repair of individual components, thereby minimizing downtime. Being a crane and Hoists manufacturer we continuously focus on innovation in order to provide the perfect solution to our clients.

Safety and reliability are inculcated into the system to ensure excellent power transmission and braking system. Our wire rope hoists can be used for variety of industrial applications.


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